Cleaning & Food Packaging Supplies

Affordable Cleaning & Packaging Supplies is a major supplier to the hospitality industry across the greater Geelong region and surrounding areas.

Our clients include popular motels, hotels, caravan parks, restaurants, bars and cafes.

We stock a comprehensive range of competitively priced hospitality and packaging products at our West Geelong “one-stop” shop and warehouse, which is open to the public during advertised trading hours.

Our stock includes a plethora of Food Packaging Supplies (such as napkins, coffee cups, food containers, cling wraps, plastic and paper bags etc), washroom supplies (such as toilet and facial tissues, hand towels, soaps and dispensers, and air fresheners), hotel and guest amenities (soaps, shampoos and conditioners), and portion control products (tea, coffee, sugar, milk and biscuits).

We also offer the convenience of telephone, email, SMS and online ordering, with prompt delivery guaranteed.

Talk to us today.

We guarantee we will go out of our way to find the most appropriate hospitality solution for you.

And remember! Buying your supplies in bulk significantly reduces the cost to you as well as the amount of packaging waste in landfills.


Food Packaging

  • Aluminium Containers
  • Bakery Supplies
  • Biodegradeable Products
  • Takeaway Containers and Trays
  • Food Wrapping Products
  • Paper and Plastic Cups
  • Cutlery
  • Doyleys
  • Food Service Products
  • Napkins
  • Paper and Plastic Bags
  • Paper and Plastic Bowls/Plates
  • Paper Supplies
  • Plastic Platter Products
  • Tape Products
  • Gift Wrap and Floristry Products

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Washroom Supplies

  • Hand towels and dispensers
  • Toilet paper and dispensers
  • Liquid and spray soap, soap dispensers
  • Air fresheners
  • Facial tissues

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Hotel and Guest Amenities

  • Soaps, shampoos and conditioners

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Portion Control Products

  • Portion control biscuits, bulk biscuits
  • Bulk or portion control tea, coffee, sugar and milk

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