Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Affordable Cleaning & Packaging Supplies is a major supplier to the commercial cleaning industry across the greater Geelong region and surrounding areas.

We stock a vast range of competitively priced, commercial cleaning equipment from cloths, wipes and scours; brooms, mops and buckets; to vacuums and carpet cleaners — all the cleaning equipment you could possibly need for your clean-up job, big or small.

We would be happy to demonstrate any of our range of vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and carpet cleaners to find the perfect model for your cleaning task (with all spare parts and accessories held in stock).

Our West Geelong “one-stop” shop and warehouse is open to the public during advertised business hours.

We also offer the convenience of telephone, email, SMS and online ordering, with prompt delivery guaranteed.

Talk to us today.

We guarantee we will go out of our way to find the most appropriate cleaning solution for you.

And remember! Buying your supplies in bulk significantly reduces the cost to you as well as the amount of packaging waste in landfills.


Brooms, Handles and Brushware

  • Indoor brooms – plastic-backed, timber-backed, electro-static, jiffy, and polished floor brooms
  • Outdoor brooms - yard, and water dispensing brooms
  • Broom and handle accessories
  • Microfibre brooms and replacement microfibre cloths
  • Carpet sweepers
  • Dish brushes
  • Dustpan sets
  • Lobby pans
  • Wire, brickie and grout brushes
  • Scrub brushes - floor scrubs and accessories, deck brushes
  • Toilet brush and tidy sets
  • Cobweb brooms
  • Deck scrubs

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Wipes, Dusters, Cloths and Scours

  • Microfibre cloths - glass, dust, general and mops
  • Chamois
  • Wool dusters, rags, pipe-dusting brushes
  • Scours - stainless steel, industrial, pot and pan scours, scour scrubs
  • Eager Beaver floor tools and polish pads
  • Sponges - Scrub Tuff sponges, cellulose sponge cloths, sponges with scours
  • Wipes - Super wipes, Duraclean wipes multi packs, antibacterial multi-purpose wipes
  • Dish mops, bottle brushes, grout brushes
  • Feather dusters, flexi dust wands
  • Wool dusters
  • Griddle cleaning pads
  • Lint buddy

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Mops and Buckets

  • Squeeze mops and refills
  • Antibacterial mops, strip mops and refills
  • Dust control mops
  • Cotton mops
  • Flat mops
  • Butterfly mops
  • Microfibre mops
  • Sponge mops
  • Mop and bucket sets
  • Bulldozer mops, buckets and squeegees
  • Roller and cone wringer mop buckets
  • Plastic buckets, general purpose buckets
  • Hospital launder mops

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Bins and Bin Liners

  • Handy bins
  • Rubbish bins
  • Desk bins
  • Pedal bins
  • Sanitary bins
  • Ashtray bins
  • Industrial strength garbage bags
  • Kitchen tidy bin bags

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Window Cleaning Equipment and Glass Cleaners

  • Contractor window cleaning kit
  • Window washer T-Bar (35cm and 45cm) and replacement sleeves
  • Professional window squeegees and replacement rubbers
  • Blade scrapers
  • Window pre-washers
  • Extension poles
  • Window squeegees - fine line, soft grip, triple action, timber handle
  • Glass cleaning kits
  • Car window squeegees
  • Swivel handle

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Janitorial Cleaning Equipment

  • Caution signs
  • Trolleys - rubbish trolleys, utility trolleys
  • Safety cones
  • Safety equipment - gloves, goggles, masks, safety grippers, sharps containers
  • Cleaners’ caddies and buckets

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Vacuum Cleaners, Floor Polishers and Carpet Cleaning Equipment